Quick Dinner: Mediterranean Style Chicken & Vegetables

I like to think of this as Mediterranean style, but in truth it is probably more inspired by than actually being Mediterranean.

The chicken:
I use either boneless thighs or breasts interchangeably, use as much as you want. I find, per person, 2-3 thighs or 1-2 breasts are a good number depending on size.
To season I used Nutmeg, Ginger, Rapeseed oil (alternative to olive oil) and tomato puree (thick consistency). I dusted the chicken in the nutmeg and ginger, then using the tomato puree as a paste I covered the top surfaces of the chicken. Then I placed the chicken in an oven dish and drizzled the rapeseed oil over the top – cooking in the oven at 180(fan) or gas mk6 for 30-45 minutes depending on quantity. Personally I use a meat thermometer to test my chicken every time to ensure it’s properly cooked but not overdone. Chicken should reach at least 80 degrees centigrade.

The veg:
New Potatoes
Sweet Potatoes

Separate the things that cook quickly (pepper, mushrooms) from those that take a little longer:
Chop all the veg that takes longer into smallish chunks, the longer the veg takes to cook, the smaller the chunks. Then place them in a tray and cover liberally with tarragon, x and x, also adding a drizzle of rapeseed oil and place in the oven with the chicken.
With the mushrooms I cut them in half and the peppers into long strips all of which I placed in an oven dish, drizzled with oil and set aside. These veg cook quickly so I put them into the oven only 15 minutes before everything else will be ready.